Saturday, September 26, 2015

Coffee and Links- Sept. 26, 2015

Coffee and links ©Holly DeWolf

This week I found some inspiration, some good tips on creativity and publishing and some feel good stuff to help you on your way. Enjoy your Saturday! 

• Why isolation is a more serious problem for freelancers than you think! via Fast Company 

What to do when you are at crossroads between should and must. via Fast Company 

Why Jeannie and Jim Gaffigan are the ultimate creative team. via Fast Create

On being on submission. via Pub Crawl

What Elizabeth Gilbert wants you to know about big creative magic. via Maria Forleo

3 ways to build to build your brand for free.via Inc

How to deal when you're disappointed in yourself. via 99u

Why you should revisit your 5 year plan. via Lifehacker

This week's coffee post: A clever and simple animated guide to different methods of brewing coffee

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