Monday, June 18, 2012

10 Thoughts For Illustrators

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Here are some positive thoughts for illustrators for this fine Monday morning. Please share! Yes, you have my permission to re-post it, to pin it, Google+ it etc. Happy creating!

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Alex Clark said...

Inspiring and ironic as I was just turned down by another art agency. Never stop drawing and believing in your work.

stevevernonstoryteller said...

Great post, Holly.

Holly DeWolf said...

Hi Alex!
Definitely never stop. Just keep in mind that they may have turned you down now, but that does not mean they wont need you later. Sometimes it's a matter of just reminding them. Keep forward movement and definitely keep believing in your work. If you know what this industry is asking of you and your work & if you know and believe in what you offer- then you are all that much ahead. All the best. Cheers!


Holly DeWolf said...

Thank you Steve. Cheers!

Jorge said...

Hi Holly,
I'm Jorge, an illustrator from Argentina working as freelance since 15 years.
Last year I bought your book and it was really usefull, above all with the manage of the productive time, all an issue for me and my family.

I have translated your 10 thoughts to spanish in my blog with some comments based in my personal experience and I have linked back to your blog in appreciation for your great work.
Jorge Santillan
Mendoza, Argentina

Holly DeWolf said...

Thank you so much fo reading my book and translating my post. That is great and thanks for sharing! All the creative best! Cheers! ~Holly